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I provide consultancy services in the areas of Internet based media transport such as SIP, RTP, and other VoIP technologies, and in custom software development on multiple platforms (Linux, OSX, Windows). I've been involved with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more than a decade and have authored a number of drafts and two RFCs. I've also provided consulting for interactive art installations, one of which showed at Tate Britain. I currently work part-time at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford. I previously worked in the Networks Group at the computer science department of University College London.


Currently I am working on communication security and privacy at the Oxford Internet Institute - with a current focus on link layer privacy. I am doing some work on algorithms for congestion control for realtime media in the IETF. I am also working on custom robotic control systems.

At UCL I worked on the EU Trilogy Project doing performance testing of Multipath TCP. Before that I was working on the EU GLOBAL project - integrating VOIP solutions with the Isabel conferencing system. I also lectured on IPv6 (security, MobileIPv6, Multicast, MLD etc) at international workshops as part of the EU 6DEPLOY project, and previously 6DISS.

Previously I managed the OMII-UK funded AVATS project - which provided support for the Media tools (VIC,RAT,UCL common lib) - widely used in Advanced Collaborative Environments such as AccessGrid. Prior to this I managed the SUMOVER project which provided support and development of the media tools - integrating a number of enhancements, bringing the code into a common code base, and deploying the Trac and Subversion based code management system.

Prior to that I was working with IPv6 in a number of projects; The 6NET project was involved with building and testing an IPv6 research network across Europe, and also worked on the Grid. Before that I worked on 6WINIT which was deploying and testing Mobile applications on IPv6. The project was one of the first to test IPv6 over Ericsson's 3G research network in Stockholm (in 2002). I am currently co-chair of the OGF IPv6 Working Group - though the group is now dormant.

Earlier I worked on Active Networks in the RADIOACTIVE and ANDROID projects. We were mainly concerned with Application Level Active Networks (ALAN) and policies. I was also involved with the COIAS and MECCANO projects - porting, testing and developing the Multimedia Mbone tools. Prior to this I worked on the ALAVIT project which involved testing and cataloguing desktop videoconferencing products - Both end systems and gateways/gatekeepers in context of H.323 and Mbone.

Whilst in UCL's old Multimedia Support and Communications Centre (MMSCC) I worked on a number of projects; Before I left I was working on the ARIADNE project which is developing a distributed database of reuseable computer based teaching materials, with associated tools for developing courses and material. In parallel I was involved in the ASITIL project which involved setting up an ATM LAN for testing and some development of video server and teaching systems, with a view to implement smooth two-way integration between the digital network of desk-top computers, and analogue networks such as the UCL LIVE-NET network. In 1995 I worked on the INSURRECT project, which involved developing and testing technology to do surgical teaching over digital (ATM and IP) videoconference links - between 5 major medical teaching hospitals around the UK. Prior to that I worked on the MTS project under EU Framework IV developing remote teaching techniques for low cost teaching over satellite links.

Whilst at UCL I maintained the RTP based videoconference tool (vic), originally from Laurence Berkeley Laboratories, and worked on the other UCL Media tools, including the UCL common multimedia library.

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Standards documents

Contributions at international conferences and workshops

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  • P. O'Hanlon, K. Carlberg, DFlow: Low delay congestion Control,(DOI), Capacity Sharing Workshop (CSWS13), co-located with the 21st International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP'13), Göttingen, Germany, 7 October 2013.
  • P. O'Hanlon, K. Carlberg, Latency Signals, Internet Society (ISOC) Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency, London, 25-26 September, 2013.
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Articles in international reviewed journals

  • M. Hobsley, R. Mccloy, D. G. Jameson, S. Buckton, P. O'Hanlon, Lessons learned during the INSURRECT project INteractive SURgical Teaching at REmote CeNtres,Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, Volume 3 Number 1 Supplement June 1997, pp.38.
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Contributions at international conferences, not published or only as abstract

  • E. Duval, P. O'Hanlon, and N. Ismail, Distributed Hypermedia for Education, Workshop at MediaActive 94, Harnessing Multimedia for Higher Education, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 4-6 May, 1994
  • R. Beckwith, D. Jameson, P. O'Hanlon, and E. Duval, Interactive Satellite Teaching and Conferencing Using an Image Server, ESA Olympus Conference, Seville, Spain 1993.

Invited Talks

  • P. O'Hanlon, S.Jiang, P.Kirstein, Grid and IPv6, INET2004, Barcelona.
  • P. O'Hanlon, Active Networks and Conferencing, First Internet Bay Conference on Science and the Cyber Community, Lulea, Sweden 2001
  • P. O'Hanlon, Secure Conferencing, Netproject.com Security seminars, London 2001

I enjoy various things including travel - especially to weird places. If you're interested in staying in Lisbon, then then try one of these flats. Here's my brother Austen's Art site (which I put together).

I have been involved with the Dancemachine - A live interact multichannel Audio and Video Art installation which debuted in Tate Britain and since has toured to Geneva and Dublin. The concept was conceived by Guy Baramotz, whilst I designed and built the core hardware and software.

See my problems and answers page (old) for awkward tech stuff that I've run into - basically timesinkers.

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